Baron de Hirsch de la Savane Cemeteries
Veterans' Field of Remembrance (Map: C19)

Burials 237
Data Credits Gary Perlman
Photos 233
Photo Credits Merle Kastner, Gary Perlman
Update 2016-12-08
The final submission has 237 records with 233 photos. The most recent burial was 2016-11-29. This update adds:

Mould Problem

For about 100 gravestones in this section, there is a severe mould problem. There is a new stone-cleaning program at Baron de Hirsch, with prices like $100 for a single monument and $70 for a footstone, suggesting a cost of $7000-$10,000 to address the issue.

Besides the honour of their service to Canada, I have noted that 70 of the veterans' stones mention family, but no children, so there may be no family to care for their stones. I'm not sure how many need cleaning, but with 237 burials, I think it is probably over 100. I would like to get an estimate of the cost for such a large-scale cleaning, all in close proximity, and then try to raise funds to support the effort, maybe with leftover funds for care in the future.

2016 Mould Problem with 2007 photos

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2016 Severe Mould Problem with 2007 photos

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Mould Solutions?

  1. Corey Fleishcher video
  2. Corey Fleischer on Facebook
  3. Provincial Power Washing
  4. Cleaning Campaign